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The best places to visit in Vietnam

When it comes to Vietnam, people think often about war. In recent years, however, it changes with think of the image of a beautiful country with extremely glamour natural landscapes like Halong Bay, Sword Lake, Hoi An ancient town….

Ha Long Bay.

Located on the west coast of the Gulf of Tonkin (Bac Bo Bay) includes the sea islands of Ha Long City, Cam Pha City and part of Van Don island district, Quang Ninh province. Halong Bay has a coastline of 120 km in length, an area of about 1,553 square kilometers including 1,969 porn large and small islands, mostly limestone islands. And actually the core of the bay has an area of 335 square kilometers, the density cluster of 775 islands with different sizes (big and small)

Being not only charming by scenery of “clouds – waves”, poetic beauty and numerous limestone islands floating on the water, Halong also gives visitors a sense of peace when immersed in this scenery. It is rated as one of the world’s 29 most beautiful bays and the last March in 2012, the New Open World organization also officially recognized Ha Long Bay to be one of the new seven natural wonders of the poker world

Hoan Kiem Lake

Also known as Sword Lake, Hoan Kiem Lake is a natural freshwater lake in the city of Hanoi, the lake has an area of approximately 12 hectares. Previously, the lake also has a name of Luc Thuy Lake, Thuy Quan, Ta Vong and Huu Vong. Hoan Kiem’s name has appeared in the fifteenth century in association with the legend of King Le Thai To paying sword for Turtle golden.

Hoan Kiem Lake is associated with legendary/historic lore, signals of the desire for peace, the literature – martial – virtues of the people of Vietnam. Therefore, there have been a lot of artists who have taken photographs of Hoan Kiem Lake as the foundation for his work.

2008, the site (specializing in tourism in Australia) has announced Phu Quoc Long Beach is one of 13 beaches “wild and beautiful” in the world. Also Phu Quoc is a place producing a fish sauce that is not only famous in Vietnam, but also around the world are known.

Moreover, in the lake, there are two floating islands. Big Island is the pearl one in the north of lake, near the east is The Huc Bridge connecting the island to bend. Turtle Island is smaller; there is the ancient tower in this island to the south of lake and surrounded by water.

Hoi An ancient town

Hoi An is located on the northern bank of Thu Bon river downstream, from Da Nang city about 25km to the southeast and from the city of Tam Ky about 50km to the northeast. From the sixteenth and seventeenth century, this place was famous with Faifoo’s name, where trading and the major trading centers of traders in Japan, China, Portugal, Italy … in South East Asia.

Hoi An today has preserved almost intact relics of ancient architecture and cultural background of the intangible traditions, religious activities, folk art, cultural festival, the traditional village … Besides traditional culinary culture in Hoi has been also one of the special things that tourists often mention, if they have come here without enjoying the traditional dishes such as high floor, Quang noodles cake “white roses” … shall be never deemed to Hoi An.

Phu Quoc Island

This island is also known as Pearl Island, the largest island in Vietnam and also the biggest one out of populations of 22 islands in Thailand Bay. Phu Quoc Island along with other islands has formed Phu Quoc island district, Kien Giang province. The entire island has a total area of 589.23 square kilometers.

In 2008, the website of (specializing in Australia tourism) announced Phu Quoc Long Beach is one of 13 “untouched and beautiful” beaches in the world. Additionally, Phu Quoc is a place producing a fish sauce that is not only famous in Vietnam, but also around the world.

Nha Trang

Nha Trang is a coastal city and a center of politics, economy, culture, and tourism in the province of Khanh Hoa, located on the south central coast of Vietnam. This Sea Land is also famous with bird nest dishes, one of those nutritious delicacies are used 400 years ago by the kings

Named as the “Pearl of the Orient”, Nha Trang not only owns the natural landscape in the fresh, cool air with the white sand stretching, islands in offshore with the fantastic coral ecosystem, but also is famous by many ancient and mossing Cham temples along with the quiet museum in the heart of the city.

They are the best places in Vietnam for tourists to visit.

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The beautiful places to visit in Vietnam

As a small country, but visitors who coming to Vietnam will be utmost surprised due to so many diverse types of terrain. The landscapes in Vietnam are colorful – looks, one region is different to other ones.

From white sand beaches, sapphire water to the dense tropical, murky forests and going to the forests of tightly leaves, darkening the sun and the high mountains “Skyscraper “, guests climb and feel like flying in the clouds … The below is some impressive scenery that visitors can experience in Vietnam.

Mui Ne

It is a famous tourist center of south central region, from the center of the city of Phan Thiet (Binh Thuan province) of 22km to the northeast, where this is an unspoiled green coastline with red sand dunes stretching as laid desert and sea fishing villages that is pure origin in Vietnam.

In Mui Ne, with the sand dunes of white or red – orange when people standing in front of the beauty of these sand dunes can feel overwhelmed by the charm of nature.

In addition, Mui Ne also attracts tourists by numerous historical – cultural relics and a diverse culture, multi-ethnics as porno Kinh, Cham, Hoa, Cham and typically as Cham tower, Water tower, Wat Ong Pagoda, Thien Hau Temple, Van Thuy Tu and many other valuable monuments of culture, history and tourism.

Mekong Delta

As part of the Mekong River Delta, it is also known as the southern delta or southwest one, a total area of square is 40.548, 2 km. Due to the long coast and the Mekong divided into several tributaries, canals, islands, large and small islands and archipelagos, where did you appropriate for the type of ecotourism, to experience and go go explore.

To the Mekong Delta in addition to visiting the vast orchard, go on one of nine tributaries flowing into the sea of the Mekong River flows; hear traditional music and enjoying the southern region specialties, tourists also hard to ignore the visit the floating markets, a feature found only in West river

Terraced fields of Sapa

Sapa is a town in the northwest highlands of Vietnam, where the beautiful terraced fields that stretch as the ladder taking to horizon. With its spectacular natural and dreamy landscape, the mysterious love markets and rich and unique cuisine, Sapa “mesmerizes” most of the tourists when coming here.

In 2009, Travel and Leisure Magazine (USA) voted Sapa terraced field is one of 7 most beautiful and magnificent terraces in Asia and the world. 12/2011 travel magazine of Lonely Planet (UK) introduced the land of “Sapa is one of 10 amazing points in the world for walking subject” and the first November in 2013, the Ministry of Culture – Sports and tourism also decided to rate Sapa’s terraced landscapes as National heritage.

Tourists can explore the beautiful terraced fields by hiring a local people so that they guide for climbing. Also, here, local people still have service of “home stay” – for tourists to stay home for a few days with family – so, visitors will get the memorable experiences.

It is amazing if you have the opportunity to explore the beauty of these above places.
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How backpackers assess about Vietnam?

There are both positive and negative feedbacks from backpackers.

Positive points:


There are many ideal, attractive, famous and extremely wildlife landscapes for them to explore. It arouses curiosity for them to travel. Actually, they feel very excited and enthusiastic to participate and experience.

Historic sites, relics as one pillar pagoda, Thang Long Citedal, Hoi An Ancient town….or memorial monuments of national hero

Some famous villages when mentioned almost tourists always know about them, including Bat Trang, Dong Ho, Nga Son, Ngu Xa bronze casting, Dong Trieu pottery, Van Phuc silk etc.

Many customs and unique cultural festivals: Vietnam is known as the country with unique colorful culture with many traditions, customs and festivals including the Hung Temple festival, Huong Pagoda festival, Lim and Giong festival, Elephant Race Festival….


Diverse and unique cuisine from various ethnic minorities is one of reasons making them to visit.

Home stay service in Vietnam is one of kinds of extremely attractive accommodation appealing to backpackers to experience because they can stay and live as a member of family of local people àamazing and memorable moments

Human factor: this is very important reason to pull them to come to Vietnam. Gentle, friendly, hospitality, promoting community and loving peace, intelligent, creative, ingenious and hard-working, inquisitive, high solidarity are positive and plus points that backpackers who already traveled to Vietnam feel and share.

Negative points

Beside of good points they feel as stated above, many bad feelings and emotions issued by them, including:

Many garbage in the local tourist attractions
Pick – pocketing, theft, begging and putting high price compare with normal price of real value of the product.
The status of Vietnam traffic is very complex à quite difficult for travelling.

From this feedback and assessment of backpacker who already experience in Vietnam, we wish you have good and smart decision before your travelling.

We also provide you the service of applying visa on arrival. Because visa is very necessary to travel aboard. You can visit: to apply for visa.

Please come to with us to get the best service. Hope you to have a great time in Vietnam if possible

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Tips when travel to Vietnam

As known that nothing is perfect. So actually, it will be impossible to avoid some negative things that exit in parallel alongside positive ones and Vietnam tourism problem for Backpackers is not an exception.

In addition to good points you should experience in Vietnam at least once your life, there are some tips for you when you come to there.

Vietnam still exits the status of littering; the awareness of local people is poor. In key tourism areas, especially in peak season, there are lots of garbage threw by tourists and local resident àdestroy the beauty of attraction.

The problem of street shops and the status of putting high price as normal or real value of the product, sometimes using dual- pricing against foreigners seems to never fall.

Currently the problem of begging, pick-pocketing, snatching has a tendency to increase.

A system of warning signs and instructions in public areas is irrational and make confusion for foreign tourists. More English signage is one of demands that many travelers wish to make them easier in travelling.

The status of Vietnam traffic is very complex, congestion always happens daily in large cities like Hanoi, HCM and in remote areas like provinces having ethnic minority, the road system is difficult and rough because of not having a compatible and rational transport system. It may make backpackers to worry and affect their travelling.

The final ached issue is some taxi drivers who often run over long distances compare with factual distance to charge extra money for visitors.

From the listed problems, we hope you to have the best preparation (both physical and mental) to have memorable and amazing experience in Vietnam.

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Vietnam wonderful attractions are for Backpackers

Vietnam is famous with many attractive, historic and meaningful destinations and diverse culture as well as the cheapest service charges that are suitable for Backpackers to experience as their main purpose (discover and upgrade their knowledge)

Famous cities like Hanoi, Hue, HCM…especially in Hanoi. The fact is that most of backpackers will be sure to choose Hanoi – ‘Mecca’ of ‘Backpackers’ to be their stop. As known, Young western countries are interested in street style, so when you arrive in Hanoi, immediately this place is considered as “Mecca” of young tourists “Backpackers”.

Hanoi is recognized as a “not sexy” girl if you only look out, you will not be able to capture the entire secret, hidden beauties.

Ancient capital of Vietnam with many historic sites and museums has long been considered as an interesting destination for young travelers having “limited budget” to find out and learn. The cost of living here is cheap and in particular, the experience of common life with local resident will bring an unforgettable impression for foreign visitors.

Referring to Hanoi, certainly, you are sure not to ignore the tasted cuisines in pavement. For visitors Vietnam, snacks are various and rich that they cannot all be listed… And distinguishing each native cuisine in this place has been a difficult challenge for foreign tourists, however, most of the food will not cause them to be disappointed.

Moreover, the connection of Hanoi with many famous traditional villages and ethnic minorities that are wonderful to discover culture is very convenient. It means that there are a lot of suitable destinations for Backpackers to connect after experiencing in Hanoi.

In HCM, there is a “Backpacker” street for them to stay. This is amazing thing to attract them to visit and stay longer.

Traditional villages are one of these destinations chosen by backpackers. Can say about Bat Trang, Van Phuc, Duong Lam, Dong Ki, Dai Bai…at those villages, they can explore how to make traditional products and maybe if you would like to do directly these products in order to hold for them, they can make it according to the guideline of local people.

Besides, ethnic minorities in Northern part are the great places backpackers can choose including Muong people, Chno, Ede, Thai, Tay, H’mong…each of them has outstanding and unique cultures. Backpackers can visit and stay with local people to learn more about the life of local.

In addition, beaches will also be ideal attraction for this type of tourist like in Nha Trang, Phu Yen, Da Nang….

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All interesting things are about Vietnam for Backpackers

Nature and culture beauty in Vietnam have attracted more and more tourists including Backpackers.

Ban Gioc waterfall


Why, annually, Vietnam appeals to about 04 millions of visitation of foreigners. One of the reasons may be confirmed due to tropical monsoon climate, biological diversity as well as the endless length of our coast with many beautiful and wonderful beaches ranked of the world like Ha Long, Nha Trang, Phu Quoc, etc.

Besides, Vietnam also attract travelers by numerous historic sites, relics as one pillar pagoda, Thang Long Citedal, Hoi An Ancient town….or memorial monuments of national hero like Ho Chi Minh, Vo Nguyen Giap, Quang Trung, Ly Thai To, Bac Son, and museums.

Many traditional villages: Although society has developed in Vietnam with mordernization at most of places, a number of traditional villages still exist and maintain so far. It is also one of the advantages of Vietnam’s tourism to attract tourists to visit and learn. Vietnam now has about 1500 villages scattered from north to south. Some famous villages when mentioned almost tourists always know about them, including Bat Trang, Dong Ho, Nga Son sedge mat, Ngu Xa bronze casting, Dong Trieu pottery, Van Phuc silk etc.

Many customs and unique cultural festivals: Vietnam is known as the country with unique colorful culture with many traditions, customs and festivals. In each area or region has its own customs and festivals. If calculated on a national scale, there are thousands of annual major festivals, small place, especially around the time of the Lunar New Year and the Lunar New Year. Some major festivals are known as the Hung Temple festival, Huong Pagoda festival, Lim and Giong festival, Elephant Race Festival …

Outstanding and featured (special) gastronomy of Vietnam like “Bún”, “phở”, “chè” and the service charge in Vietnam is very cheap and affordable being appropriate with backpackers’ purpose

There are 6 major religious: Buddhist, Catholic, Cao Dai, Hoa Hao, Protestant and Muslim.

Most importantly, human being is main factor to attract backpackers because there are actually 54 ethnic minorities with various and outstanding cultures. Moreover, a hospitality and hard-working Vietnam is the reason why they choose to travel.


As known, Security is the leaders in the Asia – Pacific. A stable politics and security is one of the main reasons for visitors to choose (No.1 priority). And, of course, Vietnam has totally met this criterion.

Vietnam human personality

Gentle, friendly, hospitality
Promoting community and loving peace
Intelligent, creative, ingenious and hard-working
Inquisitive, high solidarity

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Cua Lo beautiful beach in Vietnam

Cua Lo Beach is not charming as other coastal ones in South Central part; Cua Lo – where Lam River flows peacefully in harmony of the sea – bears a distinct mark making people think: come here just to watch poker alone is boring well, that must do other activities like swimming and eating seafood.

The system of accommodations like hotels, motels in recent years on either side of Cua Lo beach path appears closely. It is separately isolated from Vinh by untouched fields alongside the two long paths of 18 km from the city to the sea.

In the hot at the end of day, being walked along the shore of cool wave is perfect feeling. The long sandy beach of more than 10 km starts springing the sunset colors. The red color of sunshine hanging overhead of waves and rolling into winds is a multi-colored picture of nature.

In the twilight, we can see many basket boats, fishing boats for preparation of pushing off. The artless/naive fishermen “eating waves, saying porn winds” and joking Nghe land will not make guests feel disappointed to get acquainted, start talking.

On the cliffs, there is a small cafe. This is also where you can sip a cup of coffee and also have a view to windy sunset panoramically. This rock is more business tourism venue chosen to build the restaurant.

Activities in Cua Lo Beach – Romping

The sun is red like a fireball rolled over the cliff-edge and stopped in purple distant mountains. The beach still bustles by the kids playing football on the wide sandy area, by brittle laughter of girls and the “hò hê” sound of boats preparing to push off.

Cua Lo Tourism at night brings the image of a city bobbing on the sea surface. It is an image that can only get when the boats have set sail simultaneously. Tourists can catch a boat and sail along with fishermen, and enjoy the nightlife scenery between the extensive spaces of sea.

In addition, the fact is that Cua Lo is livelier at night with a world of both fishing village appearance and a new resort, being able to eat and have impressive fun. It will be no wonder when the night comes; the fish shed lights are still enlightened as long rays and sparkling in the sea surface. And on the shore, some groups of tourists are still wading and waiting for the boat dock to enjoy fresh seafood dishes. And after gorge, you can lounge on the beach

Creator has granted Cua Lo a harmonious picture between nature and human, between the river – the sea, the island – the mountain. And Cua Lo beach is one typical example for this picture with shallow, deep area that may create a comfortable feeling of space for bathing pleasure.

It is great, if you can visit this place once in your life to enjoy the entire beauty under your eyes.

Wish you have a good time!

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