Tuesday, February 27, 2018


Ham Rong Mountain: Panoramic view of Sapa town and surrounding mountains

Decided to drive around the area and followed some locals using a smaller entrance which led me to this mountain. Simply amazing !! Never regretted my decision. Had to stop myslef from stopping all the time to take pictures and appreciate the view !!

This short walk up the hill to the lookout is a great way to appreciate the location of Sapa and get your bearings. From Sapa town you can see the lookouts on the nearby Ham Rong Mountain.
Just walk along the road on the left side of the church and then up the steps. The first lookout is near the orchid garden, off to the right. If you continue up the hill you’ll pass Mickey mouse and some other large brightly painted statues. A path climbs up the hill on the right past the gardens. When you get near the top there is a path that goes further up on the right. Go pass this and you’ll come to the top lookout a few minutes later.
What a view!!
You can see mountain peaks far off in the distance as well as the rice terraces in the valley across from Sapa and a great view of Sapa itself. So glad we did this walk on the first day we arrived.

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