Friday, May 12, 2017

hoa xong


Vietnamese culture is endowed with a rich heritage. Famous ancient cultures include the Nui Do culture, followed by the Son Vi culture, founded over 10,000 years ago, then by the Hoa Binh - Bac Son culture and the flourishing Dong Son culture, which was closely related to the Red River and water rice civilization (in the North); the Sa Huynh culture, related to the Cham people (in the Central); and the Oc Eo culture of Phu Nam State (in the South).

Vietnam has its own language and writing. The national identify is made up of the 54 ethnic minorities living together in the country. This diversity has produced a lot of traditional arts which have been developing for thousands of years. Specific features of Vietnam have been reflected in many legends, festivals and traditional folk-song (Cheo, Tuong, Cai Luong, Quan Ho)

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