Thursday, June 15, 2017


Jam roses in Dalat

Jam rose is delicious favorite of many girls. Only the names in the list of Dalat jams recent years, but with names reminiscent of flower symbol of love, the same shape, color, strange, jam rose is consistently ranked in the top of the specialties should buy as a gift.

Called jam jams commission but this is not made from the commission which made radio Hibiscus results (pink flowers). In folklore, Northerners call this fruit is red artichokes and Southerners often called bup vinegar. Radio Hibiscus fruit has many other names such ephemeral flowers, fruit vinegar, sour fruit. Notable features of the commission is jam-flavored crunchy, sour and totally natural red.But in fact it is made from persimmon flowers, commonly known in folk with sour fruit name.

Dalat is a huge Hibiscus flower growing areas of the country with natural advantages in favor. About 15 years ago, the first seed company Hibiscus Herbal taken to Dalat then only about 10 years later, the station was popular fruit very wide in the southern provinces. Jam whereby commission also become a typical specialties for romantic Da Lat was very much loved as a gift purchased each player the opportunity to visit Dalat.

Jam commission can use to decorate cakes, decorating drinks, food and ice cream or fruit juice mixed with Hibiscus to create unique delicacies.

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