Monday, June 26, 2017

hoa xong

One of the best places in Mui Ne.

Rang Dong Wine Castle was built in the classic European architecture, located in the 5 star resorts Sea Links City is the new tourist destinations featured in Mui Ne, Phan Thiet.

Comments work from Napa Valley Wine Valley, California American region, bringing Rang Dong wine castle architecture of medieval Europe with the vast square, the ancient dome but no less elegant, chic, these towers soaring space spread views of the Sea Links City of fresh green. All images seemed to exist at the remote US European countries now been reproduced in the castle wine Rang Dong.

Outside the castle, mill iconic grape farmers are placed on the page in the sand dunes as reminder of the distant history of viticulture and wine industry in Napa Valley. Then Sauvignon Cabernet, Syrah, Chardonnay also planted around the castle taken to introduce a new addition to the ingredients that make up the reputation of the wines of this valley.

castles including 3 suites connected together, surrounding a large courtyard, where the ancient aristocratic West often organized parties bustling outdoor wine. Inside the castle is divided into storage areas wine cellar, wine tasting room.

Come to the castle, visitors can buy souvenirs, wine in supermarkets Mini mart located on site as well as delight admire the wine line reputation here.

Castle was particularly interested in his customers when the service launched very nicely suited to the fun, your picnic with family and friends. With recreational fishing services new castle was cared research and investments, you will be completely impressed with the location extremely wonderful scenery here.

In addition, accented with display area and wine tasting tour with classic touches but no less luxurious, space here becomes delicate and extremely cozy.

During a tour of the castle wine Rang Dong, visitors will be guided tours 2 Cellar same processes and wine production model designed closed deep underground with average temperatures 11-14 degrees C. in addition, guests will enjoy a number of famous red wines from Napa Valley Napa Valley is labeled 55, 66 Napa, Napa 77 Napa Napa 88 or 99. Also in this tour, tourists guests can buy souvenirs, watch the spread of coffee sitting on the rooftop of the castle or enjoy the panoramic view overlooking the Sea Links City Resort.

Enjoy and soak up the atmosphere here, the tourists will not sort out the beauty awfully pleased amazing unique architecture as well as the irresistible taste of the wine line was intoxicating nực immerse wine enthusiasts around the world are genuine imports of Rang Dong Winery in America. Taste wines at Napa Valleys premium is kept completely original America in every drop of wine, for inviting guests stylish and full of passion.

Club fishing hut with 15 fully equipped service and utilities for anglers, plus a restaurant specializing in seafood processing for local consumption along with a childrens play area will turn 1 day of you and your family, friends become very cozy and enjoyable.
Rang Dong Wine Castle promises to bring you and your family comfortable moments to experience the epic as well as enjoy the wonderful service.

Rang Dong Wine Castle is always open to welcome guests on the search for novelty, and their discovery.

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