Thursday, June 15, 2017

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New beach in Binh Thuan

New beach in Binh Thuan super beautiful destinations, super happy New Year holiday!

Saigon is just 3 hours drive, color beach My Son, super happy camper models and an array of outdoor activities suitable for your group, this is definitely a great place for New Year holiday forthcoming.

Recently, there seems to Binh Thuan has become one of the ideal destinations for infinity anyone fascinated cruise, when here constantly open beaches, amusement parks extremely attractive new, novelty, and especially with the trend of the young.

Remember a few months ago, Lagi in Binh Thuan with beach-style picnic, camping here first named Coco Beachcamp. And recently at the American Son has launched a new beach, ultra wide and no less strangely named Son My Beach, Ham Tan District, Binh Thuan

From the City, you only take about 3 hours to reach the town of Son My, Binh Thuan. Lie on the side of the coastal road, Son My Beach are separated almost completely with a beautiful land. Even on the run in, you will have walked the ramp, and from there you can watch the overarching romantic beaches that he was going towards, with a blue sea color and form lasting hug bow, the above is a fine white sand, interspersed with pine forests, coconut. Side are the colorful wooden houses that you are going to go there to rest.

Since this is a completely new beach, had not even been officially opened should still pretty crowded on weekdays. But on the contrary, I feel this is the point or its main and for those who want to find a beautiful place to rest, relax and find a private space, obviously, with sea, sun and wind like present.

My Son Beach is also a go-style beach camping, outdoor picnic huts are built on a white sand beach at the end of the beach. It features more than 20 tents of various kinds from small to big, from personal to collective price from 75k 150k / person. An extremely reasonable price and is equivalent to the nearby area. This is also a form of marine tourism is currently a lot of young people love so save a lot of costs, but also can close, enjoy nature, sun and wind around its maritime domain.

There are about 20 tents, you can rent or bring your tent and pay additional fees section.
You can find yourself with very relaxing sitting corner like this, campground was built right on the white sand beaches and the ocean front straight.

However, the US special Son Beach that is outside the tent like the other, it also has a lovely wooden suites are designed to look overseas beaches, suitable for those who do not like sleeping tent, there are sun and wind during the days muggy coastal region.
Here, the room is designed as a miniature villa. Each apartment has a different color, representing the country with the flag is hung vertically on the wall of the door. The interior is full of form, with air conditioning, fan, TV, mini fridge, hairdryer, even the bathroom is extremely clean and tidy beyond imagination.

How do you feel ? A wooden hut next to the beach with bright colors like this ? Each apartment has a different color to represent each country. Walkway leading to the lovely wooden room. Do you like this pink room?

In a lovely house like this, you can comfortably hang fully enjoy their vacation in. The hot muggy day or rain nor afraid. Also the design of these rooms are straight out to sea and only about 20 30 meters only, so virtually from dawn to dusk, when the room is flooded with light and cool wind.

Office with two single beds for two people. Inside is a full bathroom, tidy and extremely clean. At this point, the course must take the time to take pictures, right?

Even the midday sun on top of the head, you would not need to turn on air conditioning to do. Just open the windows, put a chair in front of the wind and sat there, watching the sea, in front of every house has a small garden to vine makes you feel comfortable and absolutely relaxed . The rooms here have prices ranging from 450k 800k / room, depending on room for 1 person or 4 people will have different deviations.

Open every door and put a chair sitting there, you can enjoy all the great emotions of a serene waters like this. From the room you can look at the whole beach scene. In front of each house was a little garden green. You absolutely can find countless corners to sit and relax other lying around here.

However there is a point deducted by the beach is still relatively new, so everything here is still in the process of finalizing. Beach not yet have many fun activities, outside campfire, barbecue on the 7th day, Sunday weekend. Known for more than 1 month, the American Son Beach will complete with lovely wooden room and started the myriad of outdoor activities such as kayaking, jetski, pull buoys and floats bananas,

More than a month, it will be a beach with all the fun games for you to enjoy the experience and thrills on the water. Special restaurant of the beach, where you can find a lot of fresh seafood dishes here. Ceiling side of the restaurant has a special staircase but when climbing you can sit watching the entire space of the Son My great.

But when climbing you can sit watching the entire space of the Son wonderful sizable My.aMot notes for you before you decide to carry the bag on the road that, the beach-style camping and picnic as this will only suitable for those who have fun, hobby and really want to get close to nature. Because these are almost secluded beach with everything around. No houses, no urban noise, no market, supermarket or even the business center and even less. So the main goal is that you need to get the experience, a place for himself and his friends, families can gather for fun activities simple and close to nature.

So if youre looking to a crowded beach, full of bars, shops, coffee or shuffle around like Nha Trang, Vung Tau and Da Nang, it is necessary to think carefully before leaving. And if you want to go, please find yourself a few companions to share the experience a more enjoyable way.

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