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All interesting things are about Vietnam for Backpackers

Nature and culture beauty in Vietnam have attracted more and more tourists including Backpackers.

Ban Gioc waterfall


Why, annually, Vietnam appeals to about 04 millions of visitation of foreigners. One of the reasons may be confirmed due to tropical monsoon climate, biological diversity as well as the endless length of our coast with many beautiful and wonderful beaches ranked of the world like Ha Long, Nha Trang, Phu Quoc, etc.

Besides, Vietnam also attract travelers by numerous historic sites, relics as one pillar pagoda, Thang Long Citedal, Hoi An Ancient town….or memorial monuments of national hero like Ho Chi Minh, Vo Nguyen Giap, Quang Trung, Ly Thai To, Bac Son, and museums.

Many traditional villages: Although society has developed in Vietnam with mordernization at most of places, a number of traditional villages still exist and maintain so far. It is also one of the advantages of Vietnam’s tourism to attract tourists to visit and learn. Vietnam now has about 1500 villages scattered from north to south. Some famous villages when mentioned almost tourists always know about them, including Bat Trang, Dong Ho, Nga Son sedge mat, Ngu Xa bronze casting, Dong Trieu pottery, Van Phuc silk etc.

Many customs and unique cultural festivals: Vietnam is known as the country with unique colorful culture with many traditions, customs and festivals. In each area or region has its own customs and festivals. If calculated on a national scale, there are thousands of annual major festivals, small place, especially around the time of the Lunar New Year and the Lunar New Year. Some major festivals are known as the Hung Temple festival, Huong Pagoda festival, Lim and Giong festival, Elephant Race Festival …

Outstanding and featured (special) gastronomy of Vietnam like “Bún”, “phở”, “chè” and the service charge in Vietnam is very cheap and affordable being appropriate with backpackers’ purpose

There are 6 major religious: Buddhist, Catholic, Cao Dai, Hoa Hao, Protestant and Muslim.

Most importantly, human being is main factor to attract backpackers because there are actually 54 ethnic minorities with various and outstanding cultures. Moreover, a hospitality and hard-working Vietnam is the reason why they choose to travel.


As known, Security is the leaders in the Asia – Pacific. A stable politics and security is one of the main reasons for visitors to choose (No.1 priority). And, of course, Vietnam has totally met this criterion.

Vietnam human personality

Gentle, friendly, hospitality
Promoting community and loving peace
Intelligent, creative, ingenious and hard-working
Inquisitive, high solidarity

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