Monday, December 25, 2017


Vietnam wonderful attractions are for Backpackers

Vietnam is famous with many attractive, historic and meaningful destinations and diverse culture as well as the cheapest service charges that are suitable for Backpackers to experience as their main purpose (discover and upgrade their knowledge)

Famous cities like Hanoi, Hue, HCM…especially in Hanoi. The fact is that most of backpackers will be sure to choose Hanoi – ‘Mecca’ of ‘Backpackers’ to be their stop. As known, Young western countries are interested in street style, so when you arrive in Hanoi, immediately this place is considered as “Mecca” of young tourists “Backpackers”.

Hanoi is recognized as a “not sexy” girl if you only look out, you will not be able to capture the entire secret, hidden beauties.

Ancient capital of Vietnam with many historic sites and museums has long been considered as an interesting destination for young travelers having “limited budget” to find out and learn. The cost of living here is cheap and in particular, the experience of common life with local resident will bring an unforgettable impression for foreign visitors.

Referring to Hanoi, certainly, you are sure not to ignore the tasted cuisines in pavement. For visitors Vietnam, snacks are various and rich that they cannot all be listed… And distinguishing each native cuisine in this place has been a difficult challenge for foreign tourists, however, most of the food will not cause them to be disappointed.

Moreover, the connection of Hanoi with many famous traditional villages and ethnic minorities that are wonderful to discover culture is very convenient. It means that there are a lot of suitable destinations for Backpackers to connect after experiencing in Hanoi.

In HCM, there is a “Backpacker” street for them to stay. This is amazing thing to attract them to visit and stay longer.

Traditional villages are one of these destinations chosen by backpackers. Can say about Bat Trang, Van Phuc, Duong Lam, Dong Ki, Dai Bai…at those villages, they can explore how to make traditional products and maybe if you would like to do directly these products in order to hold for them, they can make it according to the guideline of local people.

Besides, ethnic minorities in Northern part are the great places backpackers can choose including Muong people, Chno, Ede, Thai, Tay, H’mong…each of them has outstanding and unique cultures. Backpackers can visit and stay with local people to learn more about the life of local.

In addition, beaches will also be ideal attraction for this type of tourist like in Nha Trang, Phu Yen, Da Nang….

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