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Cua Lo beautiful beach in Vietnam

Cua Lo Beach is not charming as other coastal ones in South Central part; Cua Lo – where Lam River flows peacefully in harmony of the sea – bears a distinct mark making people think: come here just to watch poker alone is boring well, that must do other activities like swimming and eating seafood.

The system of accommodations like hotels, motels in recent years on either side of Cua Lo beach path appears closely. It is separately isolated from Vinh by untouched fields alongside the two long paths of 18 km from the city to the sea.

In the hot at the end of day, being walked along the shore of cool wave is perfect feeling. The long sandy beach of more than 10 km starts springing the sunset colors. The red color of sunshine hanging overhead of waves and rolling into winds is a multi-colored picture of nature.

In the twilight, we can see many basket boats, fishing boats for preparation of pushing off. The artless/naive fishermen “eating waves, saying porn winds” and joking Nghe land will not make guests feel disappointed to get acquainted, start talking.

On the cliffs, there is a small cafe. This is also where you can sip a cup of coffee and also have a view to windy sunset panoramically. This rock is more business tourism venue chosen to build the restaurant.

Activities in Cua Lo Beach – Romping

The sun is red like a fireball rolled over the cliff-edge and stopped in purple distant mountains. The beach still bustles by the kids playing football on the wide sandy area, by brittle laughter of girls and the “hò hê” sound of boats preparing to push off.

Cua Lo Tourism at night brings the image of a city bobbing on the sea surface. It is an image that can only get when the boats have set sail simultaneously. Tourists can catch a boat and sail along with fishermen, and enjoy the nightlife scenery between the extensive spaces of sea.

In addition, the fact is that Cua Lo is livelier at night with a world of both fishing village appearance and a new resort, being able to eat and have impressive fun. It will be no wonder when the night comes; the fish shed lights are still enlightened as long rays and sparkling in the sea surface. And on the shore, some groups of tourists are still wading and waiting for the boat dock to enjoy fresh seafood dishes. And after gorge, you can lounge on the beach

Creator has granted Cua Lo a harmonious picture between nature and human, between the river – the sea, the island – the mountain. And Cua Lo beach is one typical example for this picture with shallow, deep area that may create a comfortable feeling of space for bathing pleasure.

It is great, if you can visit this place once in your life to enjoy the entire beauty under your eyes.

Wish you have a good time!

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