Monday, December 25, 2017


How backpackers assess about Vietnam?

There are both positive and negative feedbacks from backpackers.

Positive points:


There are many ideal, attractive, famous and extremely wildlife landscapes for them to explore. It arouses curiosity for them to travel. Actually, they feel very excited and enthusiastic to participate and experience.

Historic sites, relics as one pillar pagoda, Thang Long Citedal, Hoi An Ancient town….or memorial monuments of national hero

Some famous villages when mentioned almost tourists always know about them, including Bat Trang, Dong Ho, Nga Son, Ngu Xa bronze casting, Dong Trieu pottery, Van Phuc silk etc.

Many customs and unique cultural festivals: Vietnam is known as the country with unique colorful culture with many traditions, customs and festivals including the Hung Temple festival, Huong Pagoda festival, Lim and Giong festival, Elephant Race Festival….


Diverse and unique cuisine from various ethnic minorities is one of reasons making them to visit.

Home stay service in Vietnam is one of kinds of extremely attractive accommodation appealing to backpackers to experience because they can stay and live as a member of family of local people àamazing and memorable moments

Human factor: this is very important reason to pull them to come to Vietnam. Gentle, friendly, hospitality, promoting community and loving peace, intelligent, creative, ingenious and hard-working, inquisitive, high solidarity are positive and plus points that backpackers who already traveled to Vietnam feel and share.

Negative points

Beside of good points they feel as stated above, many bad feelings and emotions issued by them, including:

Many garbage in the local tourist attractions
Pick – pocketing, theft, begging and putting high price compare with normal price of real value of the product.
The status of Vietnam traffic is very complex à quite difficult for travelling.

From this feedback and assessment of backpacker who already experience in Vietnam, we wish you have good and smart decision before your travelling.

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Please come to with us to get the best service. Hope you to have a great time in Vietnam if possible

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