Monday, December 25, 2017


Tips when travel to Vietnam

As known that nothing is perfect. So actually, it will be impossible to avoid some negative things that exit in parallel alongside positive ones and Vietnam tourism problem for Backpackers is not an exception.

In addition to good points you should experience in Vietnam at least once your life, there are some tips for you when you come to there.

Vietnam still exits the status of littering; the awareness of local people is poor. In key tourism areas, especially in peak season, there are lots of garbage threw by tourists and local resident àdestroy the beauty of attraction.

The problem of street shops and the status of putting high price as normal or real value of the product, sometimes using dual- pricing against foreigners seems to never fall.

Currently the problem of begging, pick-pocketing, snatching has a tendency to increase.

A system of warning signs and instructions in public areas is irrational and make confusion for foreign tourists. More English signage is one of demands that many travelers wish to make them easier in travelling.

The status of Vietnam traffic is very complex, congestion always happens daily in large cities like Hanoi, HCM and in remote areas like provinces having ethnic minority, the road system is difficult and rough because of not having a compatible and rational transport system. It may make backpackers to worry and affect their travelling.

The final ached issue is some taxi drivers who often run over long distances compare with factual distance to charge extra money for visitors.

From the listed problems, we hope you to have the best preparation (both physical and mental) to have memorable and amazing experience in Vietnam.

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